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CHILI® Products

CHILI® systems can be used to provide solutions in the following areas:

The CHILI® PACS concept

Key characteristics:

  • Everything online (no jukeboxes)
  • Client/server technology
  • All workstations can view all of the data (subject to permissions)
  • No preloading
  • Fault-tolerant, redundant storage
  • Use of established enterprise archiving solutions such as TSM, Legato, etc
  • Use of third-party archiving service providers
  • HIS and RIS interfaces (IHE, HL/7 and DICOM)
  • Web based image distribution right to clinical workstations
  • Synchronized display in PACS and RIS/HIS
Special features:
  • IHE conformity
  • Teleconferencing between all PACS workstations and web viewers possible
CHILI® Workstations

The right workstation for every application:

  • CHILI Start (entry-level workstation allowing communication with a single partner)
  • CHILI Basic (teleradiology, clinical review workstation)
  • CHILI Report (diagnostic workstation)
  • CHILI/Java Standalone (Java viewer: web, local, CD-ROM)
  • CHILI/Java Standalone DUAL (dual head) (not available in USA yet)
Special features:
  • Apart from CHILI Start, all of the workstations are available as standalone system or as client connected to a CHILI server.
  • All of the workstations are teleradiology capable by default.
  • Teleconferencing between all PACS workstations and web viewers possible
Web-based image distribution

Key characteristics:

  • Can be used at every workplace in the practice or hospital
  • External connectivity facility for teleradiology (for example for night duty)
  • Restricted access (to own data) for training purposes
  • Platform and OS independent thanks to Java technology
  • User concept based on centralized authentification (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)
    (LDAP, Active Directory, etc.)
  • Secure thanks to the use of encryption
  • Fast due to the use of data compression (JPEG 2000 standard)
  • Precompression or online compression, depending on your requirements
Special features:
  • Simple integration into existing HIS/RIS/PACS
  • Data from electronic patient record accessible via URL
  • Data upload (as a file or using a DICOM C-Store)
  • Wide variety of formats (DICOM, PDF, Word, etc.)
  • Teleconferencing between all web viewers and with CHILI workstations possible
The Teleradiology concept

Key characteristics:

  • Uses universal protocols
    (e.g. DICOM, CHILI, ftp, scp,
    DICOM e-mail: recommended by German Radiology Society (working group @GIT))
  • Automatic conversion between protocols
  • Automatic routing depending on various parameters (including port, AET, day of the week, time, DICOM fields)
  • Fault-tolerant, with automatic resumption after interruption
  • Extensive security concept according to BSI recommendations
  • Various encryption options available
  • Backed up log files to record data transmission activity
  • Can be integrated into any PACS or DICOM modality
Special features:
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Conforms to the new German X-Ray Ordinance
  • Allows teleconferencing via LAN or WAN
CHILI® Special Workstations

Key characteristics:

  • Integration of third-party data via import workstation
  • Import of image data from CDs or films
  • Data export on CDs in DICOM standard via export workstation
Special features:
  • Adjustment to the IT structures of the individual institute
  • Application of Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF) of the IHE initiative
CHILI® Communication modules

Key characteristics:

  • Seamless integration of PACS, HIS, RIS and teleradiology
  • Based on IHE profiles
  • Successfully tested with other vendors on serveral IHE Connectathons
CHILI® OEM solutions

CHILI components can be integrated in third-party systems of other HIS/RIS/PACS vendors as OEM.

  • Particularly interesting for IHE communication modules
  • IHE conformance for third-party software